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Are we the Clever Country?: An Alternative to the Traveston Crossing Dam - A paper entitled "Traveston Crossing - Dam Solution or White Elephant?"

Saturday, 7 November 2009

An Alternative to the Traveston Crossing Dam - A paper entitled "Traveston Crossing - Dam Solution or White Elephant?"

This proposal provides a viable alternative to building the Traveston Crossing Dam.
The paper is entitled "Traveston Crossing - Dam Solution or White Elephant?"

It is not simply a plan to secure water for our future, as it also fits within a larger framework - for example, this plan;

1. Incorporates the new weather phenomenon findings, published in February 2009, that explain 120 years of drought in Eastern Australia - including SE QLD.

2. Details a more efficient and cost-effective alternative - the distillation plant should have a maximum cost of less than $1.0 Billion - estimated savings of over $500 Million can then be used for other projects.

3. Provides a turn-key solution for guaranteed water - independent of weather, and/or the immediate requirement for another Reverse Osmosis Desalination plant that is close to the coast and subject to threat from sea-level rises - other similar sized plants take about 18 months - maximum.

4. Prevents the loss of fertile farmland - at a time when farming foodbowls elsewhere are under threat from climate issues.

5. Short-circuits all 1,200 conditions and environmental controversies over current Dam proposal - no wasted administration costs to police such conditions.

6. Follows common-sense principles enabling clearly defined outcomes.

7. NO BRINE waste by-product will be pumped back into Moreton Bay - yes, you read that correctly - No waste by-product to create further environmental damage.

The Big Picture element chain incorporates all of the following;
+ Natural Sequence Farming
+ Cogenerative Desalination - Distillation using waste heat from a power station.
+ Reforestation
+ Erosion Control & Prevention
+ Recharge Parched Rivers & Aquifers - east and west of the Great Dividing range
+ Flush the Brisbane River system
+ Reduce Moreton Bay pollution
= A sustainable plan for the future

Traveston Crossing - Dam Solution or White Elephant?

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