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Are we the Clever Country?: Recent news on the water crisis

Friday, 27 April 2007

Recent news on the water crisis

Graham sent over the latest news items he has seen about the water crisis. I've been trying to teach him to use del.icio.us, and he will get there. (Although until Blogger and del.icio.us work together to let us make a daily post, one is less than optimally satisfied with both).

Some recent media articles indicating the seriousness of this situation may be found here:

The Age: Big investigation about Desal Plant site for Melbourne -- what about the country/foodbowl areas of Australia?

How do we know that there is a serious lack of water?? Why, when somebody starts stealing it of course!

Townsfolk may have to move! This is in Queensland, a lot closer to the monsoon tropics and "Wet Seasons" than Victorian residents.

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Graham Bates

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