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Are we the Clever Country?: Topsoils Blown Away

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Topsoils Blown Away

Terrible news from the ABC -- After the massive windstorms that swept through southern parts of Australia, reports suggest that tonnes of priceless topsoils have been stripped off our farmland.
Putting environmental flows back into the Murray is vital -- so too is providing the farmers with enough water for their paddocks -- bind the soil & enable growth of ground cover. Drought does more than dry up rivers -- it puts our soils up into the Extreme Erosion risk category.

Check out story here ABC News


Edward Ott said...

this is a problem all over the planet now.

Graham said...

Edward is correct -- Some Middle East countries that did not have any sustainable water reserves have successfully utilised desalination to survive. In our case, we can utilise the water to not only grow and sustain our agriculture, but stabilise our topsoils and assist our drought-affected rural communities.